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Keune Care Absolute Volume Shampoo 10.1oz

Brand: Keune
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Keune Care Absolute Volume Shampoo 10.1oz. Big is beautiful – especially when hair is concerned. If you’ve got normal to fine hair and want more volume and thickness, our Absolute Volume range is perfect for you. It’s enriched with Provitamin B5. This vitamin penetrates deeply into the hair shaft, where it thickens the inner structure, strengthening and nourishing it from the inside out. Your hair will be noticeably more voluminous and full, without feeling heavy.

This is a gentle cleansing shampoo that builds volume without adding weight. Provitamin B5 and wheat proteins strengthen and thicken the hair structure.

Hot Tip! This product contains the color stabilizer called LP300. This is a patented ingredient added to ALL Keune Care shampoo's and conditioners to help stabilize color molecule to stay longer by creating a stronger bond. LP300 is Keune Exclusive

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