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Design Me Fab Me Spray

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Design Me Fab Me Spray
Born to be fabulous – the new generation of hair youth! We’re unveiling the mother of all treatments, Fab.ME, that breathes life into your mane with a spritz of a bottle. No, we haven’t found the fountain of youth, but we’ve created the biggest and baddest four defense formula that will give you your youthful, fabulous hair back in a matter of seconds!
1. Colour fade protection
2. Split end smoother
3. Breakage prevention
4. Free radical and heat damage protection
5. Revitalizer for hair’s natural protective layer
6. Protection against environmental damage
1. Detangling
2. Enhanced manageability
3. Reduced blow-drying time
4. Static reduction
5. Frizz control
6. Porosity control
1. Light conditioning
2. Shine and luster
3. Hydration
4. Hair strengthener
5. Enhances volume
6. Silky feel
Mist on clean damp hair, comb through, blow-dry, and style.  FAB.ME is all kinds of fabulous on all kinds of hair types.

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