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Amika Mighty Mini Styler

Brand: Amika
Product Code:PP065495
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mighty mini styler

This petite but powerful styler features ceramic plates that reach a temperature of 400°F/204°C – perfect for bangs, touch-ups on the fly, and styles that go anywhere.


Ceramic Plates - generate ionic, far-infrared heat, ensuring safe and even heat while preserving moisture and protecting the cuticle. The results are silky, soft hair and faster, more effective styling without the damage caused by conventional styling tools.

Gentle and Safe - ceramic heating elements emit far-infrared heat that instantly penetrates the cortex of the hair cuticle, heating from the inside out. The hair is heated evenly and in half the time of conventional heat, reducing the risk of damage.

400°F / 204°C temperature -achieved in less than one minute, and provides maximum heat recovery for uniform temperature.

Adorable travel pouch - for on-the-go storage.

Dual Voltage 110–240 V - for international adventures.

How To:

Turn on and style!

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